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The E5 Trademark Application System Quickstart

Steps 1 & 2: Enroll and Evaluate, all fees included
  • Confidential Pre-Search Interview Stops Missteps
  • Easy to Follow Classes & Our Famous Cheat-Sheets Mean You'll Understand Every Step
  • Federal Search
  • State Search
  • Common Law Search
  • Attorney Consultation and Strategy Session
  • Trademark Application Process Budgeting

About the E5 Trademark Application System

Note: The advertised fee is for a trademark search for up to three classes of goods or services for a word, phrase or slogan.

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Why You’re Here:
• You want to protect your name, slogan and/or logo, and create a business asset.
• You know choosing to work with an online form-filling platform (even ‘fast’ famous ones) is risky.
•  Also You understand that “self-help services at your specific direction” means “you’re on your own.”

All of these things hold true, yet big firms and big rates for trademark work (often exceeding $2,000/hour) are out of your reach. And, flat-rates often incentivize corner-cutting. 

You may feel like you don’t know where to begin. This is why I created Thrasher Associates in the first place. We don’t pretend to do everything, so we don’t have to charge crazy rates. Plus, we’re actually licensed by the US Trademark Office…so you know you’re getting quality.

When You Hire Us:
• We’ll guide you step-by-step, and will strive to make your experience ‘surprise free.’
• You’ll get the same personal touches and guidance, no matter where you are in the process.
• We’ll provide you with a budget you can understand.

Because every trademark situation is different, pricing for step 3 through step 5 will vary. As we have an understanding of your project, though, we’ll get you a clear pricing estimate.  You may choose to exit the program at any time without further obligations or penalties.

Here’s some of what we can do for you: